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The SWRO technique

Author:海讯集团    Time:2013/11/6

 The SWRO technique has many advantages, such as low project investment, short construction period, small scale of plant area, simply operation maintains, low energy, low cost of water yield. After use the measure of energy recycle device and improving the water recycle rate. the energy consumption is great reduced in one unit of water yield, the energy consumption of the desalination seawater is decreased from 4.0~5.5  kwh/m3 per ton now to the 2.5~4.5 kwh/m3 per ton. As the development in these years, SWRO technique is ecome much more maturely used, the production capacity of complete plant become much more powerful, the scale of project is much bigger. Therefore, the SWRO technique is become one of the main techniques in the field of seawater desalination